How to find my Appliances?

How can I identify that Appliance "Find Me 1"?


1) Open the List of Events and have a look at the Power of the On and Off events.

2) Look at the Dates and Times that these loads turned On and Off.  If they turn On and Off all day (also at night?), you probably have found a Fridge or so.  

3) Look at the frequency and the duration of these On/Off events.  Are they regular and is the duration (time between On and Off) mostly constant?

4) Look at the DNA of the unlabeled appliance.  The DNA is a summary of the list of events for a longer period of time.

5) Use the "Ping Me" (Appliance > edit > Ping Me = ON) function.  Smappee will notify you up to 5 times each time that specific Appliance turns On and/or Off! So while you're using your appliances, you'll get the notifications.

6) Train Smappee.  Go to the list of appliances, add the appliance you want to add (e.g. lights living room)  by pressing "+" in the top, right corner menu.  Give it a label. Save and go to "Start Learning".  Follow the instructions.  Training Smappee works well for lights ans should be done only in periods with low "electrical" activity, i.e. no other appliances switching ON and OFF as Smappee will otherwise be confused.  If the "trained" appliance already existed as e.g. "Find me 13" then Smappee will tell you. 

7) Use the real-time "Bubble" and watch the dark bubble grow bigger and shrink each time you turn On and Off an appliance.  If Smappee already recognized this appliance, the name of this appliance will appear above the dark bubble.  So if for example you turned on your coffee machine, and saw "Find me 12" appear, then this is probably your coffee maker.  Repeat to be sure, and label "Find me 12"  to coffee maker.  Change the icon, add the brand.  Also check the DNA.



Fridge, Freezer

A Fridge or Deep freezer will (generally) have a power under 120W  (35, 50, 70, 110W are values that we have found) and will be On/Off at regular times, for constant duration, around the clock!


Ovens, dish washers, dry washers

Ovens, dish washers, dry washers, etc. will have power values above 1000W  (Watt). Check the Date and time of the events to find out what appliance it is.



Lights are generally under 100 W.  Lights are normally turned ON when it's dark (evening, early morning).



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    Peter Meuris

    Save button location is very strange, should be on the bottom.


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    Juan Fco Pérez

    I have a small problem with the notifications, arrive to me from 4 in 4. I explain myself, when I put some appliances using ping me, this warns to me, but 4 notifications and all followed reach to me every time, when it only must be a notification whenever on or off appliances. some suggestion?

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    Stefan Grosjean

    It is a bug in the current App. The update solving this problem, will be released soon. The app is currently being reviewed at Apple. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Juan Fco Pérez

    hello Stefan!
    today I have updated app and the location already works correctly, but the notifications continue arriving badly. by each notification push of ping me, arrives 4 or but at each device, iphone, ipad, etc. so that you consider it. thanks!!

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    I am trying to use the ping me function in Android app, and it never notifies me at all...when I go back to edit the appliance again (even immediately after setting 'ping me' and saving, I find the 'ping me' option has been switched off again.

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    Hallo Djtucker, please send the version of the App to our heldpesk at You can find the verion in the App menu About.

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    Michel Engelen

    I have added appliances manually and they are now recognized without the start learning proces.
    The problem is that these appliances remain blocked in the list with the red dot in front of them.
    How can i get them them in the list of the discovered items, thus removing the start learnig process aka the red dot?

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    My list of events is empty, is it normal? I switching on/off all the devices but nothing appear in the list.

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    Livia Ionita

    Hello Sowestar. It depends on how long you have been using Smappee. The issue could also be caused by an incorrect installation.
    Please open a ticket to our Helpdesk at with your serial number so that our team can give you the right information. You can find the serial number on the back of your Smappee device.

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    Thanks for your answer, it seems it simply take 24 to 48 hours to apear. I've now the same problem as Michel Engelen, some of my recognies appliances remain blocked on the "red dot list".

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    Hans Delabie

    If you want to remove a "red dot" appliance, select that appliance and then select "remove appliance" at the bottom of the screen.
    A "red dot" appliance can only get into the list of recognized appliances by retraining it. Please note that "low power" appliances aren't well suited for training.

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    Any ideas for the question "Two Problems in the Event list" in Trending questions?

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