Upcoming Software Updates

Smappee Firmware version v994, start roll-out 1/12/2014

  • bugfix for solar triggers
  • bugfix for households that have "Delta" wiring (affects 0.5% of installations)

If you have a "Delta" wiring, we will notify you separately:  The update improves the  measurements in Delta households.  However, this update may invalidate the recognition of Appliances. As a result, the "old" appliances will not be recognized any more.  After a few days, you will see new unnamed appliances.  We recommend to merge them with the once that are already named.


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    Marco Toaiari

    Request for Android app: on the usage tab in landscape show values (total, allways on, solar) in the position you touch on the graph

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    Florin Patrichi

    Hi Marco,
    Thanks for the feedback. I'll send it to the development team.

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