Plug too far away from Smappee?  Try again with your Comfort Plug, close to your Smappee monitor, to be sure that the Radio range in 433 MHz is not the issue.

The Plug is too close to Smappee.  The distance should be minimum 1 meter.

Your phone/tablet and your Smappee monitor should both be connected to the WiFi network.  The App on your phone communicates with Smappee via Wifi over the cloud and instructs your Smappee monitor to send out the "Pair with me" command.
So an internet connection is also needed!

Remember, the Comfort Plug does not communicate over WiFi nor Bluetooth!  It uses a dedicated radio on the 433MHz frequency.  The radio to communicate with your Comfort Plug is built into the Smappee monitor.

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    Roel Bibbe

    How could I enable to Smappee to control Comfort Plugs all over my house (given that range may be a blocking factor)?

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    Hi Roel,
    You can install a repeater for the 433MHz signal. I added a new article that explains the details:

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