How to repair my plug?

Repair my Comfort Plug

Did you try too many times? It happens that the Comfort Plug does not longer accept new "Pair with me" requests.  In that case the "Pairing" will fail forever.  Repair the plug by sending out the wireless "Delete all links" command to your plug.  

How? Bring the Plug in "Pairing" mode (see earlier section, plug should blink) and click the "Repair plug" command from your App while the plug is blinking.


Your App will instruct Smappee to send out the "Delete all links" wireless command.  That command will only be accepted by the plugs in "Pairing mode".  Make sure Smappee is in range of the Plug and that both your phone/tablet and Smappee are connected to your WiFi network and the internet.  

The plug will "Click" if the command has been received.  The plug is now clean and ready for use, ready to pair with your Smappee, your wireless remote control and your App.


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