Protection of your privacy

Our commitment

Smappee is committed to protect your privacy and your personal data. Smappee will use your data only in accordance to the Privacy act and other relevant current legal prescriptions.

Your consumption data

The consumption data registered by the Smappee monitors is stored as "anonymous" data.


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    Where is the data being stored? Is it local or on a back-end database? I can imagine this is a hot topic for Smappee as wel looking at todays events, such as hacks et cetera, were loads of data is being stolen.

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    I understand Smappee is 'concerned with my privacy' but I'd like to know a little more about what Smappee does to protect my privacy. In particular: what kind of data leaves my home network and how is it protected? What is stored on the server and is it encrypted? What kind of communication takes place between my phone and the cloud and how is it protected?

    I would like to know this to assure myself nobody can sniff the outgoing/incoming network traffic and detect my home appliance settings. Sniffing this data (man in the middle attack) would make it too easy to detect when I am home, what energy I consume, what devices I have in my home etc.

    Smappee team: please elaborate on all this, because it is essential the security of the home and the people who live there...

    PS: storing anonymous is insufficient, because it is too easy to figure out the origin of ip address for a hacker when sniffing the data being sent over the line.

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    Hans Delabie

    I trust that you understand that any details that I provide about our security mechanisms may increase the risk of a security breach. However, I can confirm that all data that Smappee sends to the Cloud is fully encrypted. Same for the the data between your smartphone and the Cloud. As such, the data is protected against both a middle man or a hacker.I trust that this answers your question.

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    Thanks for your very quick reply. I delete mythe reply I posted a few seconds ago, because I don't want to publicly bother other users with my security concerns. If you haven't received the message, feel free to contact me privately.

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