Download your Consumption data to CSV or Excel file

View your Daily Consumptions

Note: This functionality is only available on the web-application,

You can view your daily consumptions, your production and your AlwaysOn power values and the associated costs.

First, you'll have to enable the menu option that lets you download your data. On your page, go to Settings > Expert Mode and enable the 'Consumption and Power tables' option.

This adds the option to export your data to the Smappee app's menu. This menu option brings you to the site where you can download your data, which is Click the green Download button to download this table view into an excel compatible CSV file.  



You will be able to download the last 6 months of daily data. You can also download your detailed 5 minutes consumption values, but these only remain available for 7 days.


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  • Avatar

    I read about downloading to CSV
    But can not find the option on my smappee app.
    Where are the green download button ??

    Tage Jensen

  • Avatar
    Richard Morgan

    Hi Tage

    You can download your data to CSV in




  • Avatar
    Steve Schoultz

    I've noticed that the 5 minute download shows Wh in the column heading but the numbers reflect W. I presume this is either the actual wattage in use (i.e. a snapshot) at a point in time or perhaps an average over the 5 minute period?

    Either way it is not the power used over the 5 minute period and you cannot sum the 5 minute data to arrive at kWh for the day.

    Is this correct?

  • Avatar

    Hi Steve, you make an important point. The table "Consumption in Wh" shows the average consumption during the hour. This is the energy that you consumed during that whole hour, which coincides with the typical unit for this measurement: Wh (or kWh).

    The table "Power in Watt" shows the average power that was used during the 5 minute period. However, since this power was running only for 5 minutes, the used energy is much less. Thus, you need to divide the value by 12, to get the used energy in the same unit of measure (Wh) as in the table above.

    Once you divide the 5-minute values by twelve, you can add them up and will get the same result as in the hourly values.

    Regards, Heiko. Smappee.

  • Avatar
    Colin Gray

    Is there an update to this article after the improvements to the website?

  • Avatar
    Florin Patrichi

    @Colin, this article was updated once the website was improved. Would you still need help? If yes, please send an e-mail to and we'll be more than glad to assist you. Regards, Florin

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