The DNA of my hot water boiler..

This is a real energy guzzler! 

The boiler makes the hot water for the kitchen sink.  It is ON all the time to keep the water at 60°C.  The Day DNA confirms that the boiler is ON all the time (outer circle is all green, no white segments!)



Note we use most hot water between 12h and 13h (lunch, washing dishes).  The segments are darker green.  Each segment represent a 15 minute period.  The darker the segment, the more ON-OFF events in this 15 minute interval.




Tip:  Click on the Time figures (Frequency ON per Day, Duration ON, Total Time ON) to go to the detailed list of ON-OFF events for this appliance.


The YEAR tab of the DNA show a very high annual consumption 0f 524 kWh with a cost of 131,12 EUR! The consumption is estimated by Smappee based on the available usage data of the months May - September.  The average household consumption in Belgium is 3.500 kWh, so 524 kWh is one to watch!

This appliance has both: high power ( 2.044W ) and high On time of 10 days and 16 hours on a annual basis  (42 minutes and 11 seconds heating per day).

Turn this appliance off when on holidays!  Watch the month of July that shows a lighter green segment in the Annual tab.  I turned it off for one week!   The segments of May and September are not relevant as my Smappee started to measure, half of May and this screen shot is taken half of September.

Use a Comfort Plug to turn it OFF in periods when you don't need hot water.  I tested this by shutting down the boiler from 23h to 6h45 in the morning and of course it had to heat longer once turned ON again at 6h45, but the consumption per day went down by at least 15%!




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    Christian Herren

    I'm using Smappee since 4 days and now I have the problem that Smappee can not differ between the hot water boiler, the kettle and the dishwasher. Will Smappee learn to differ these appliances with a longer record and analysis period?

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    Juan Fco Pérez

    do I have a similar problem with the coffemaker, the toasting and thermomix, this I complete is very but that very difficult to detect, since its consumption varies before they spend 5 seconds and it does not give time to detect it, some idea?

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    is there any solution? I've the same problem, Smappee seems mixing up few devices in the house, the kettle with the heater, the oven with the fryer ...

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    Borja Rodriguez

    I have the same issue and was told that the reason is similar Wh consumption which makes me doubt now what about the DNA? Is DNA just based on consumption? Also what about these devices with different consumption? Like the Nesspresso coffee maker I have not been able in 3 months to get it detected... yes I can measure my overall home consumption and few unique appliances the rest are not precise and honestly getting a bit disappointed

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    Geert Van Temsche

    Same problems here. Getting a bit disppointed in the DNA detection as it gathers data from different devices into one DNA while based on the timings I could simply allocate events to one or another. I know that the iron was not used at 0625, but it was the micro wave, And I know the badroom lights did not go on at 1645 but is was the CV pump but I can not tell the app which event was from which device so it keeps working with incorrect DNA profiles...

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    Artur Pedziwilk

    The same issue I have with the hot water boiler (1000W) and heater (1000W). Both detected as one appliance what I see from events list. I named the appliance as "Water Boiler & Heater" and at any moment when I am pinged the one is ON I manually enable second one. I hope Smappee will discover at some moment that the same appliance cannot be enabled twice. Maybe this is a bug or it need more time to discover they are two there. We will see.

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