The DNA of an Appliance


The DNA of a appliance

In order to provide more information on an Appliance, whether you have found it or not, the DNA will show you averaged data on how you use that specific appliance.  The DNA shows the number of times the Appliances turned ON and OFF, how long the appliance was ON in seconds (averaged over all accumulated ON-OFF cycles measured ever), the average Power (an average of the ON and OFF) used by that appliance in W, the total energy consumed per day in Wh and the associated cost ( Wh x cost per kWh).  You can edit your cost per kWh to match your energy supplier's bill.

The list of key parameters ( Power, Consumptions, ..) is also provide on a per Week, per Month and per Year basis.  The per Year basis will be an extrapolation based on the "so far available data as collected by Smappee".  If Smappee is in use for 5 weeks, it will use the "5 weeks" usage to estimate your annual consumption.

In order to further help the user to identify the appliance or understand when that appliance is in use, the DNA wheel shows you when that appliance is used, most of the time.  The darker the green segment, the more On and Off events have been found at that time-stamp. A white segment indicates that the appliances has not been in use at that time-stamp.

The DAY tab shows the wheel of the 24 hours usage (averaged over the last x days); the "Per Week" tab shows the usage for each day of the week.  The "Month" tab shows the sliding window of the last 31 days and the "Year" tab indicates the monthly usage allowing to identify seasonality.



I make 4 Espresso's per day.  The Espresso machine uses 1.140 W during 36 seconds to make one espresso.  It runs 2 minutes 30 seconds per day and consumes 48 Wh per day, cost at 0,25 EUR per kWh is 0,01 EUR. (note: these numbers are averaged and rounded).

Looking at the outer circle on the DNA of the DAY tab, I make coffee's in the morning around 7h30 (darker segment there) and around 13h after lunch.  I also make coffee's in the morning and afternoon (correct, I work home) but never at night, nor in the evening, except once at 1 am when we had friends coming over to our place.  Desert time!


On the YEAR tab (image to the right), Smappee estimates that I will make 1359 espresso's, consume 17 kWh to make them and this will cost me 4,34 EUR (electricity).  It seems I drunk less coffees in July (lighter Green in the DNA image here above).  Correct, I was off on holiday. The months of May and September were incomplete (so lighter green; started in may and made this screen shot in the course of September).



The WEEK tab is useful to indicate when the appliance is used. Smappee tells me that I drink coffee everyday of the week.  A bit more on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.





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  • Avatar
    john helliwell

    Hi. Is there anyway to see what "Unlabelled devices" are currently on? A long click on the bubble on the main screen just lumps all the Unlabelled together. This makes it hard to identify the unlabeled devices.

  • Avatar
    Philippe Coffyn

    Agree with John that this would be useful as it is hard to find and time consuming to find unlabeled appliances

  • Avatar
    Scott Echberg

    I agree with the comments above. A notification that an unlabeled device is on would be helpful.

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