IFTTT Recipes here..


IFTTT Recipe: Wake me up when there is coffee connects smappee to philips-hue 

IFTTT Recipe: Send me an email when an appliance is turned on connects smappee to gmail

IFTTT Recipe: Turn on the garage light when I am almost home connects ios-location to smappee

IFTTT Recipe: Turn on the heater when it is too cold connects netatmo-weather-station to smappee

IFTTT Recipe: Post a message on Facebook when my solar panels go crazy connects smappee to facebook

IFTTT Recipe: Send me a sms when my power goes wild connects smappee to sms 

IFTTT Recipe: See through the smoke connects nest-protect to smappee

IFTTT Recipe: Turn On Humidifier, with Smappee and Netatmo connects netatmo-weather-station to smappee



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