I want to change Smappee's Wi-Fi settings

Use your Smappee App and navigate to: "Main menu" >> "Smappee" >> "Click your Smappee monitor" and choose "Change WiFi settings using the Password method". 



If Smappee is in install mode, i.e. flashing blue, then no need to press the button, skip the next step.  The hotspot is always up during installation mode (flashing blue).


Setup Smappee's Hotspot (if in installation mode, skip this step) by pressing Smappee's button on the side.



Press until the color changes to Yellow and release.  Smappee should be flashing yellow. 


Now, whether Smappee is flashing blue or flashing yellow, the hotspot should be up. Follow the instructions in your App and change to Smappee's hotspot when instructed by the screen below.


Go to your Control Panel and connect to Smappee's hotspot. Depending on the OS and model of your phone or tablet, it can take more or less time to see Smappee hotspot appear in the list. 



When your phone or tablet is connected to Smappee's hotspot "smappee....", go back to your Smappee App and Confirm that you joined Smappee's hotspot. Press "I just joined"!  


The Smappee App can now talk to your Smappee, using the hotspot connection, and request the list of WiFi networks "as seen" by the Smappee monitor, last time it powered up or rebooted!  


Note: if you power up your WiFi extender or router after Smappee rebooted or powered up, then you won't see it in the list!.  Smappee scan's the networks prior to setup it's hotspot. It can't do both, scan other WiFi networks while it's hotspot is on. 

The list of networks should not be empty. If this is the case, power On/Off Smappee to reboot it and start again.   



Select the WiFi network that Smappee must use to connect to your home and to the Internet.  Smappee needs to connect to the Smappee cloud in order to link with your account and in order to store consumption data and event.  

The WiFi signal you select for Smappee should have sufficient signal strength, i.e. Green, eventually Yellow/Orange but not RED!  Smappee might connect with a RED WiFi network, but your App will not always be able to communicate with your Smappee.  Try to move your router closer to Smappee, or install a WiFi range extender.

Now provide the Password when prompted and wait until Smappee becomes GREEN.




If Smappee turns to RED, or you receive an error message, then you probably provided the wrong password..  Or your firewall, mac address filter .. is blocking Smappee when it needs to check the Smappee Cloud via the Internet.  Read the WiFi checklist and try again.





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