Wi-Fi checklist


In case of Wi-Fi connection problems, check the following points.


  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi required, preferably with automatic channel selection
  • WPA or WPA2 encryption mandatory
  • networks without security are not supported (!)
  • SSID needs to be visible and may not be hidden during install
  • make sure that your SSID does NOT contain one of the following characters: é,ç,è,ä,/\, ", à î ô ï
  • allowed special characters for the Wi-Fi password: #$%@?/ \ 
  • double-check your password
  • double-check that your smart phone is connected to the correct Wifi network, not to a hotspot or other networks where you have your password configured
  • if you use WPS, check that it is active on the router
  • make sure that MAC filtering is not active
  • your firewall should allow Smappee to create https outbound connections (port 443)
  • parental control also might prevent internet access based on time of day
  • The maximum number of characters for the WPA2/PSK when using an iOS device during installation is 20.
  • Note: The IP address of Smappee is assigned by the DHCP of your router.
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    Currently I'm unable to connect my new Smappee to my network. My network uses WPA2 but the password has an '@' and a ':' are these considered unsupported "specially character".

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    Please define what characters are "Exotics" and maximum size of the password. This situation is completely "Exotic" because "!" is also not accepted but also long password (I have 18 characters and seems too long). When I ask this to your support, nobody knows what I'm talking about... 2 days now I'm beating with Smappee to get a connection!

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    "," (comma) is also refused by Smappee ... Some details about what is accepted and what is not, will really be appreciated in detail here. It is depressing to have to decrease the security of our network because Smappee do not support "some" special characters.

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