Connect Smappee to your home's WiFi network, how?

The Installation Process:

Follow the installation procedure as indicated in your Smappee App.  This installation procedure will do two important things:

  • connect Smappee to your wireless home network
  • link your Smappee device to your unique account / login so that you see your consumption and not that of another Smappee


Connect Smappee to your home network, how?

Smappee needs to know on which WiFi network you want to connect it.  It is very probable that you have multiple networks or that some hotspots or WiFi networks from your neighbours are visible to Smappee.  So you'll have to tell him which one to choose!

Smappee will need the Password of your WiFi network, otherwise it will not be able to connect to the WiFi and thus will not reach the Cloud or your App.


How can we tell Smappee which network to choose and tell it the Password? 

You can choose between two solutions:

  • the WPS and
  • the Password or hotspot method



What is WPS?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup.  WPS is a network security standard. It allows you to setup other WiFi devices, like the Smappee, by a press on the WPS button.  Pressing the button on the two devices (your router, and the Smappee) will initiate an exchange of the WiFi SSID and Password. 

Press Smappee's button to initiate the WPS exchange


Smappee should be flashing purple now.

Press the WPS button on your router. 




The Password or Hotspot method work?

This method is similar to what you would do to connect your phone or tablet to a hotspot.  You would go to your WiFI settings and select the hotspot.  The same will happen with Smappee but you will not have to provide a password to connect to Smappee's hotspot.  Follow the instructions in your App.

Your Smappee should be in Install mode (flashing Blue) or in Hotspot mode (flashing Yellow).

Now you can follow the procedure with your App or use your Laptop.






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