Unlink the Plug

Unlink your Remote Control or Smappee monitor

As the Plug has a limited number of 3 "Masters" from which it will accept a command; you should erase the binding between the corresponding button on your Remote Control and the Plug.  Otherwise the Plug will no longer accept new links.  See also "Repair my Plug" to erase all existing bindings

Bring the Plug in Pairing mode (LED will blink).  While the LED is blinking, press the "Off" or "0" of the coressponding button on the Remote Control Control.  You should hear the Plug "Click" twice.  The link between the Button and the Plug is now erased.

The same procedure can be followed for the Smappee buttons in your Smappee App.  Press "Off" on the corresponding Button in your App (e.g. "Home Cinema"), while the LED on the Plug is blinking.  Make sure the Plug and your Smappee monitor are in reach and that your App and Smappee both have a good WiFi and internet connection.  You should hear the Plug "Click" twice to confirm that the Link between the Button in the App and between your Smappee monitor has been erased.


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