How to pair the plugs to my Smappee?


Swipe the main page to the left to go to the "Plugs" menu in your App, click on EDIT at the top right, then click the + Install a new plug

Rename the plug from "New Plug .." to the name you want for this plug, e.g. "Home Cinema".  Click Done to save that name.  The "Link the Comfort Plug" command is now enabled.



How to activate the "Pairing" mode (blinking LED)?

The UK and US Comfort Plugs have a button to initiate the "Pairing" mode for a period of 5 seconds.


The EU plugs will be set in "Pairing" mode by the following sequence of actions:



pull the plug out of the wall outlet,

wait 5 seconds,

plug into wall outlet 

The LED should start blinking for 5 seconds.  The plug is now accepting the wireless "Pair with me" command from your wireless remote control or from the Smappee monitor.  

The Plug is now ready to Pair or erase a previous link.  Pairing is only active for 5 seconds!



Pair the Comfort Plug with a your Smappee App and the Smappee monitor

Pair the Comfort Plug to your Smappee monitor and "Home cinema" button in your App by clicking: "Link the Comfort Plug"  command, while the LED on the Plug is blinking (pair/programming mode).



Test the plug by clicking the ON and OFF buttons next to the "Test the plug" label.




Did you hear the Plug "Click" twice? 



Note that the Comfort Plug will only blink 5 seconds.  So be prepared to click the "Link the Comfort Plug" command in the App.  Your App and the Smappee monitor must be connected to the WiFI network.   App on your phone/tablet talks to Smappee via Wifi >> Smappee then talks to the Comfort Plug via the 433 MHz radio transceiver of Smappee. All this must happen within the 5 seconds blinking / pairing mode. 




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    2 things, why is this help page in englsh? You know, when i login, that i'm dutch.

    Also I can't find where to change this.

    second, what ever i try, i can't pair my plugs. I tried wifi and 3 g.. Nothing. It blinks but it doesn't clck.

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