Web portal: How to modify and test "Metering" specific parameters: phases, network, solar,..

Login into the Smappee Web portal to verify the current configuration of the "energy metering" engine in Smappee.  Use this for very specific configurations where the configuration and commissioning module of Smappee cannot configure itself automatically.  You should be careful in changing the parameters and understand how electrical networks and metering works.

  • Change the 3 phase configuration from Star (3 phase with Neutral) to Delta ( 3 phase without Neutral)
  • Select between 50Hz and 60Hz (North America)
  • Verify if the Current Transformers are correctly connected
  • Reverse the Current Transformers (CT's)
  • Change the Phase mapping 1-2-3, 3-2-1, 2-1-3, etc.  )
  • Change the Metering Mode (e.g. 6 Single Phase measurements, 3 phase Load and 3 phase Solar Production, etc.)
  • Modify the Measuring mode Grid + Production or Load + Production (depends on where you clamped the CT's, where Grid = Production+ Load)






  • Verify the Power measured for the different phases (Load or Grid, and Solar)
  • Apply phase shift of 0°, 120° or 240° to the Voltage
  • Test the configuration (Test Changes button)
  • Enable or disable the Auto Detection by Smappee (disable in case you have a specific mode, otherwise let Smappee determine how the measurements should be done)


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    This may be fine for an electrician, but is hardly user friendly for the average person........

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    Florin Patrichi

    @Peterjohnkitchen, our Help Desk team will always be available to help you at support@smappee.com. Just send them an e-mail with the serial number of your Smappee and with your request. Regards, Florin

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    Rune Grysbaek

    There are more settings in my Smappee - this support page should be updated.

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    Florin Patrichi

    Hi Rune,
    Thanks for pointing this out. We'll make sure to update the support pages.

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