Expert Mode Web Portal: How to login?

Expert Mode, Login into the Web portal of the Smappee monitor; find the URL to your Smappee, using your APP.


In your Smappee App, navigate to "Main menu > Smappee" and you'll get the following information.




Click on the Serial Number of the installed Smappee device and you will find the current IP address of your Smappee device in your network as well as the URL to paste in your browser.



Open your browser and navigate to the given URL. Click the logon/logoff button and use the password "admin" to Logon.




Find the IP Address without the App?

Smappee's IP address can be found in your wifi router. The MAC address of Smappee starts with 7C:... and the hostname will be: smappee. 

Navigate to the URL: http://X.X.X.X/smappee.html (replace X.X.X.X by Smappee's IP address in your network). 


Find Smappee using mDNS.

Smappee supports mDNS,  a multicast Domain Name System used to resolve host names to IP addresses within small networks that do not include a local name server.



Replace 1XXXXXXXXX with the serial number of your Smappee device.  You'll find it on the sticker on the back of Smappee. Try the url with and without ".local".  This depends on your OS and your local network configuration. 



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    Mada Perez Miralles

    hello friends, there is a bug in the web of devices within the configuration smappee, advanced in Home Control, neither the number of plugs or her name appears, so you can not know which turn off and which turn on . It is not important, but so what you have in mind. Thank You!

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    Tim Rutteman

    Yes I confirm, it used to actually list the name of the plugs... now its empty..

  • Avatar
    Hans Delabie

    Thanks for letting us know. We'll fix this is the next firmware release.

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    Which port(s) do I need to open up for port forwarding in my wireless router's firewall to allow access the "Expert Mode" Advanced Functions at a remote location?

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    Hi, t he expert mode was designed to be used within the local Wi-Fi home network. For security reasons, the expert mode is normally not accessible from outside the home network.

    When using port forwarding to expose any computer resource to the internet increases the risk of an external attack and the exposure of confidential information. For that reason, we strongly discourage the exposure of the expert mode on the internet.
    This said, the expert mode is a website that is shown on the standard port 80.
    We strongly recommend to add additional encryption and access protection on the connectivity outside the home network.

    Regards, Heiko. Smappee.

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