Can Smappee detect all my appliances?

Once connected, Smappee starts to hunt down the appliances in your home. After half a day, your first appliances will be recognized. As Smappee gets to know your home better, new appliances are being detected in the next days. A limited number of appliances remain harder to detect though. For those appliances, Smappee will either need more time or won’t be able to recognize them.

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    Michal Rutka

    Can you explain what are the reasons that some of appliances cannot be recognised? Are there any fundamental reasons?

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    Stefan Grosjean

    Appliances under 40W are in the noise of the bigger ones. Also certain appliances are a combination of a number of electrical components such as e.g. a heating element, a pump, a motor, a light. Dishwashers, Fridge, ..

    Certain devices use e.g. the same heating element and as such Smappee has difficulties to detect the difference between e.g. a toaster that would have a heating element of 1000W and a dishwasher with a also a heating element of 1000W. With some more time, e.g. looking at a program of one hour, we will be able (working on this) to detect that the heating element, was combined with a pump, etc. in a specific order that now enables Smappee to categorise that heating element correctly to the dishwasher and not to the toaster. The disadvantage of this method, is that we need to wait a longer time, like e.g. an hour (we must see the rest of the program) before we can generate an event "Dishwasher".. We have first chosen to go for the best possible, but real time option with a degree of errors and correct this later for better usage stats. Classic solutions work on a + x hours basis, but can't be used to control things or provide real time feedback.
    Hope this helps,

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    I also noticed that there is a time diffrence between actual gebeurtenissen and the real time.

    Is there a setting? I would expect that that would automaticly synchronise with the time on the net?

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