How does Smappee detect the appliances in my home?

Smappee uses highly innovative software which analyses the measured current. This is how Smappee tracks which appliances are switched on and off, and when.

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    why can't smappee detect all of my TV (2 Units) and HiFi (3 Units).

    Also my 5 gardenlights (sum 25 W / LED) where not detect. The lights turn on every day at 19:00 and turn of at 23:00.

    My smappee is now running for 8 weeks.

    At what watt hight does smappee detect a seperate device?

    thanks for help

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    Juan Fco Pérez

    Puede smappee detectar una thermomix ?
    La uso todos los días, pero es un aparato que varía mucho su consumo dependiendo de que se está cocinando. Gracias!

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    Matteo Lioi

    my smappe not detect a samsung led tv, my amp.
    my light and other appliance...

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