How to end a split billing agreement for an employee

There might be situation where you want to end or pause a split billing agreement for a specific employee. This could for instance occur when the employee has left the company and therefore lost the right for a split billing arrangement via the employer.

First, log in to the Smappee Dashboard with your fleet manager (partner) account that has the split billing activated. Be sure to have the Split Billing card added to your dashboard. To end the split billing agreement with a specific employee you click on the lock icon on the  Split Billing card as shown below. Complete the date on which you want to split billing to end.



  • There is currently no ability to temporary pause the split billing agreement with an employee.
  • A split billing agreement that has been ended (closed) can not be restarted. Instead, a new split billing agreement with the employee needs to be set up.
  • When the split billing agreement has ended, the Smappee Charging Station will not change configuration and therefore Swipe & Charge (Split Billing) will remain active. Swiping the Smappee Smart Charge Card with the RFID tag attached to the split billing agreement will result in an error and the charging session will not be started. Smappee does not change the configuration of the Charging Station as it could be configured for other split billing agreements. For example when a partner from the same household is also using the same Charging Station. It is up to the owner of the Charging Station to change the configuration.