Setting up Split Billing


Caused by the shift to electric or hybrid vehicles, an increasing number of employees will need and have a charging station at home. Employees that formerly had a fuel card will now have the opportunity to be remunerated for their charging sessions at home with our split billing feature through Smappee Services. This will minimize the administrative work for the employer but how do you set it up?

Below is a quick overview of the involved steps, from requesting the contract to creating the split billing agreements.overview.png



Step 1: Signing the contract

First of all, the employer will request a contract for split billing. The employer or partner should send an E-mail to with the request to setup split billing. They will get a reply with a contract that has to be signed between the employer and Smappee Services and the question if they need additional RFID cards. 

Step 2: Creating a sub organisation

After the contract is signed the partner/installer will have to create a sub organisation for the employer that wants to use split billing. An organisation can be made by using the Organisations card and using the Create organisation button. mceclip0.png

The partner fills in the form and presses Add organisation to finalise the creation. An example is shown below for a company that wants to use split billing (Your Business) and the installer (Your Company).mceclip11.png


The installer (Your Company) should now transfer the installed charging stations for this company (Your Business) to its newly created sub organisation by changing the Organisation in the Charging station configuration as shown below.


Move the charging station to the employers sub organisation.


Step 3: Creating a partner admin

Now that a sub organisation is created the fleet manager will need an account to manage it. Therefore, the partner/installer should create a partner admin account for this sub organisation that the employer/fleet manager can use. The partner should use the Users card to add a new user. He should fill in the form and make sure the account is a partner admin account and that it is linked to the correct sub organisation. In the example below a partner admin is made for the Your Business organisation.




Step 4: Adding users

The next step is for the employer/fleet manager to add the Smappee Usernames of its employees. The employees can obtain a username by installing the Smappee App and registering an account. While the fleet manager can add the users with the Organisation users card as shown below.



Step 5: Creating split billing agreements

Now, the fleet manager can add his own split billing agreements. Each employee that wants to use split billing will need such an agreement and each agreement comes at a cost of 5 EUR / Month.
Setting up these agreements is done through the dashboard with the Split billing card as shown below.



The employer has to fill in all the required information and this is also the place where he can set the reimbursement price for his charging costs. An example of the form is shown below:


Once the agreements are added you should see them in the split billing card.



Step 6: Confirming payment details

After submitting the form the employee will get a confirmation email to verify all his details and to sign the contract. An example of the confirmation email is shown below. 


When clicking the please confirm link you will be redirected to a Smappee web page where you can verify the info and confirm it.


After you confirmed your details you will get another email to notify you of the confirmation.


Finally! Your job is done 😊 Now it's up to Smappee Services to send the employer a monthly bill and to reimburse all the employees on a monthly basis.

Using split billing.

As the fleet manager of Your Business you have additional functionality in the Smappee dashboard. 

For example, you can view the charging sessions of your employees and view how much they will be reimbursed at the end of the month. This is possible with the Split Billing card. You can select a split billing agreement on the left and you will see the charging sessions (Transactions) and the cost of it on your right.


The fleet manager can also resend the confirmation emails to employees who might have missed the email or didn't get it. This is possible with a small icon on the same Split Billing card and is shown below:


The last functionality with this Split Billing card is to adapt the information in the agreement when it is not confirmed yet. This can be used when an employer or employee notices that some of the entered information in the split billing agreement is incorrect. Rectifying this information is possible by using the edit icon on the  Split Billing card as shown below: