- Smappee Genius needs at least firmware 5.0.0
- Stable internet connection, preferably via Ethernet
- Smappee Connects need at least firmware 2.26 (Note: A Smappee WiFi Connect is not compatible)


How to set up

  1. Make sure the Genius has the right firmware for Multigateway. Make a normal setup to check the firmware and ask Support to upgrade if needed.
  2. Install all other devices which will become childs such as Connects, EV Wall, ... 
    These all get a separate location.
  3. Install the Genius on a location which will act as parent. To provide the Genius with power you could use an RJ10 cable where you have cut out the data-link wires (inner most wires) and plug this into the second B bus of a connect. Please make sure you have the polarity of the power correct as in the image below!
  4. Finally, you should link the Genius as Parent for all the Child locations. This has to be done in our Dashboard using the Location configuration card. In the example below we link the location "Main distribution panel" (Connect) to the parent location  "Home" (Genius).