How can I assign discounts or priorities to specific users (Scan and charge)?

When using 'Scan and charge' as Session Activation Method, it is possible to give discounts or priority to specific usernames. This is done using the 'Charging priorities and rates' card on the Smappee dashboard.


After adding this card, click the 'Add user' button:



Then, the username of a specific user can be entered, as well as a percentage discount and priority:



A typical implementation might be to give 100% discount to employees so that they can charge for free. Visitors would not get a discount and need to pay the full price. The priority can be lower for employees than for visitors under the assumption that employees will be present at the office for longer than visitors. Visitors' usernames will not have been added to the list of users, meaning the system will use default settings for these unknown users. These default settings can also be changed:



Note that, in this example, employee user123 was given a lower priority than the default value. Therefore, this employee's EV will charge more slowly than a visitor's EV in case only limited current is available.