How do I activate a Smappee Smart Charge Card or other RFID card?

When 'Swipe and charge (Whitelisting)' is selected as a 'Session Activation Method' (see this article), RFID tokens of people authorized to charge their EV at the charging station, should be added to the whitelist. RFID tokens that have been added to this whitelist will be able to charge for free. If desired, the charging station owner can always download an overview of charging sessions belonging to a certain RFID token and use this to internally bill the user for consumed energy.


To add a token to the whitelist, you must first find the RFID code belonging to the card you wish to use. Usually this is printed on the back of the card, but if it is not printed you can use certain third party tools like the Android app NFC Tools to find the code. In the case of a Smappee Smart Charge Card, the RFID token is printed on the back of the card:


Next, go to the 'Whitelisting' card in the dashboard. Select 'Add token':



The 'Add token' menu will pop up. Here you can enter the RFID code shown on the back of the card. Optionally, you can also enter an identification (the card holder's name), priority (used in case overload balancing is active and charging currents need to be reduced), and expiration date.