How to configure the Huawei E3372h dongle

  1. Plug dongle into PC

    Huawei Mobile Broadband
    LTE USB Stick
    Huawei E3372

  2. if not already installed, install the driver that you will find in "this computer"
  3. Wait until the dongle’s web portal opens

    • If this does not happen go to
  4. If the first screen you get is the one bellow, look on the sim card for the PIN-code.
    Make sure that Disable PIN verification is checked before clicking on apply.

    If you get an update message, click on "go to home".

  5. Open 'Settings'
    • Click on Dial-Up and go to Mobile Connection.
      • Data roaming : Enable
      • apply
    • From the Dial-Up menu go to Profile Management.
      • Create New Profile
        • Profile name : Choose a name
        • User name : (leave empty)
        • Password :  (leave empty)
        • APN: Enter the APN of the SIM card that was inserted into the dongle
        • Click save.
    • Click on Security and go to Pin Management.
    • The ‘Pin Operation’ should be ‘enable’,
      this means the PIN is currently DISABLED, which is good.
  6. Click on home.
    • Check Connection: If connected; proceed. If not;
      go back to profile Management and check the APN config
  7. Remove the dongle from your pc
    The dongle home screen will indicate : "No service. Connection failed to the network.
    Please retry later or search for networks from the network settings page."

  8. Plug it back in, and your overview should show that it is connected.
    You'll see an indication of data being used just bellow this screen, indicating it was done succesfully.

    If you get the message : "Connection failed. The profile is invalid. Please contact your service provider." make sure that you fully completed step 3.