How do I change the Wi-Fi settings of my Smappee P1/S1?

To change your Smappee's Wi-Fi settings, use your Smappee App and navigate to: Settings > Your Smappee monitorsInfinity modules > Smappee P1/S1 Module > Change your Wi-Fi settings.

On this page, you can follow the steps in the app to change the Wi-Fi settings.

Changing the Wi-Fi credentials via the Smappee app

  • In the first step you'll be asked to reset the monitor. Press the reset button on the bottom of the monitor until you see a blue light.
  • Press until the color changes to Blue and then release the reset button. Your Smappee should be flashing blue now.
  • If the Smappee monitor is flashing a blue light, you can continue to the next step. Otherwise reboot your Smappee monitor (unplug your power cord and plug it back) and start over.
  • You then have to connect to the Smappee hotspot. The hotspot will be named like : Smappeexxxxxxxxxx (with xxxxxxxxxx being your serial number). Before connecting make sure your mobile data of your smartphone is turned off.

Possible issues during the reconfiguration of the Wi-Fi

  • The Smappee monitor shows a red light during the activation.
    This indicates the Wi-Fi connection is to bad to have a stable connection. Try to relocate your Smappee monitor closer to the hotspot, use a Wi-Fi extender,etc to improve the Wi-Fi signal.
  • The Smappee monitor remains yellow blinking during the activation.
    Please make sure your Wi-Fi is fully compatible with the requirements. A list to to the requirements you can find here: How should my Wi-Fi be configured?
  • The 'next' button is not clickable when connected to the Smappee hotspot.
    • Make sure your mobile data is turned off.
    • Make sure location services are active
    • It's possible a timeout occurred, press previous and select yellow blinking again to see if the next button is shown.