How can I share my location?

It is possible to share your location with another Smappee user. For example sharing your location with your partner, or with the installer so he can check if your configuration is correct.

Step 1 - Register the user

Please beware that the to be shared person needs to be registered first:

Step 2 - Share the user

The person who wants to share his location with another user needs to do the following actions:

  • Open the Smappee app
  • Go to the Settings tab by pressing the Settings button on the lower navigation bar
  • Click on your Servicelocation Name on the top



  • You will now see the name of the selected location. Verify if this is the correct location. If not, select the correct location from the list.
  • Scroll down and click the Share this location button


  • At the right bottom, click the '+' sign


  • Enter the username you want to share your location with and click the button Share your location


Remarkt: Please note that you can only share locations