I am getting a certificate expired error in the app, what to do?

As the error message displays, you can only continue the installation of the monitor with an iOS device. Once the monitor is installed, you will be able to use all your android devices again. It is just during the installation that you will require an iOS device. This is for security reasons as an important security certificate that was required for the installation expired. We have immediately fixed this by updating our firmware to use a new certificate. Unfortunately, your monitor is still using older Smappee firmware that still uses the old certificate. We cannot update the firmware on the monitor as long as the monitor is not installed.

For security reasons, the certificate can only be manually uploaded during the installation of the monitor on an iOS device, as Apple guarantees a safe transfer. This is not possible on an Android device.

In order to reinstall your monitor with an IOS device, it is possible you will have to reset the unit first. To reset your home (solar) energy monitor, Please follow this procedure:

First please push the button on the side of your monitor until you see a fixed blue LED on the top of your monitor. This takes about 10-15 seconds (please ignore any other colours the LED shows). Once the LED is blue, please let go of the button. Then please wait for the blue LED to start blinking (this takes about 5 minutes). You can then reinstall the monitor.