Grid, Off-Grid, Submeter, what to choose?

Please find below the necessary information to make a decision on what connection type to choose for each clamp in your configuration:


Please choose Grid in the following scenario(s):

  • If the clamps measuring consumption are connected on the main incoming wires and you are measuring the total energy consumption or total import/export for installations with energy production.
  • If the clamps measuring energy production are connected between the source (battery or inverter) and the primary fuse board and energy is injected in the fuse board.


Please choose Off-Grid in the following scenario(s):

  • If the clamps are measuring consumption that is not part of the Grid. (for example for a separate meter and fuse board).
  • If the clamps are measuring energy production that is not injected in the fuse board and is immediately exported to the energy supplier.


Please choose submeter in the following scenario(s):

  • If the clamps are measuring specific appliances/outlets in the fuse board that are part of the main consumption (Grid).


  • The bubbles on the dashboard of the Smappee app will display only values configured as Grid or Off-Grid. If there are multiple clamps configured as Grid or Off-Grid, the values will be added together.
  • If you are not measuring any Grid in your installation, it is possible to change the submetered appliances or outlets that you want to see in the main bubbles of the app to "Off-Grid".