Which sensor should I use? The optical or magnetic sensor?

The Smappee Gas & Water monitor comes equipped with 2 different sensors to measure the consumption in your installation. Please note that the sensor's cable length is 1,5 meter. Therefore, it might not be possible to measure both meters in your installation with 1 Gas & Water monitor.

The optical sensor

The optical sensor uses infrared light to monitor the moving hand or reflective digit. It constantly emits an infrared light which, when interrupted or reflected, will send a small pulse to the Smappee Gas and Water monitor. The interruption of the light is the small peak that you will see later on when configuring the optical sensor in the application.

The optical sensor is compatible with:

  • Meters with a reflective surface on one of the digits.
  • Meters with a reflective surface on rotating elements.
  • Meters with revolving dials.
  • Please note small red revolving dials are sometimes incompatible with the gas & water monitor.

mceclip0.png        mceclip1.png

mceclip3.png      mceclip4.png

The magnetic sensor

The magnetic sensor works like a switch. Every time the magnet in the meter moves along the pulse output, the magnetic sensor’s switch will close the circuit and send a small pulse to the Gas and Water meter.

A pulse output is a small opening on the side of the meter as seen in the example below.