What is a Smappee Gas and Water Monitor?

Smappee Gas & Water adds detailed data on gas and water consumption to the Smappee
monitoring system. It’s easy to install via optical or magnetic sensors which are attached to the gas and
water meter. The monitor is compatible with most common analog gas and water meters. In case of
excessive usage or a small leak, the Smappee App sends an alert.

There are 2 type of sensor cables that can be used: an optical and a magnetic sensor. It depends on your meters at your location what type you need.

Included accessories:

  • 1 magnetic sensor cable length 2 m (78.74 inches)
  • 1 optical sensor cable length 1.4 m (55.11 inches)
  • 2 AA batteries

For more details about the Smappee Gas and Water monitor you can check out the Technical Specifications here and our Installation Guide here.


Remark: only works with a Smappee Infinity setup including a Genius as gateway and with Smappee legacy monitors (Smappee Energy, Solar, Plus and Pro). Not compatible with the Connect series.