My Gas & Water monitor does not measure correctly, what to do?

If the gas and water monitor does not measure the gas and/or water consumption or does not measure correctly, please find the most important things to verify below.

  • Please make sure the sensor has not moved. Due to humidity sometimes the sensor moves and then the pulses are not measured correctly anymore. 

  • For installation with an optical sensor, please make sure the environment where the gas & water monitor is installed has not changed. Lighting is an important factor when measuring pulses with an optical sensor. Therefore it is important to configure the sensor in the environment it will be in typically. What we mean by that is, for example, if the monitor is installed in the basement, do not configure the sensor with the basement lights on as the monitor will typically measure the consumption with the lights off. The pulse generated with the lights on can be very different from the pulse with the lights off and that can impact correct measurements severely.

  • Please verify the real-time status of the monitor in the menu "details & status".

    • Can a connection be established? 
    • Is the battery level sufficient?
  • In case of a connected monitor, test if the connection between the two monitors is OK.

  • Reconfigure the input channel that is not measuring correctly.

    • Check if the number of pulses is correctly configured as they can change to fit your needs.
  • For optical sensors, please make sure that a good pulse is detected each time the infrared light is interrupted or reflected. Below is an example of a good pulse. If the screen is all grey (interference) or all white (no movement detected), no pulses can be detected.


  • Please remove the optical sensor from the meter and generate pulses by moving your finger over the eye of the sensor and then let go. This should generate a very clear pulse. If not, the sensor is defective.

  • Please remove the magnetic sensor from the meter and generate pulses by holding a magnet against the sensor and then taking it away. This should generate a very clear pulse. If not, the sensor is defective.

If none of the above points has solved the problem, the Gas & Water monitor will be either incompatible with your meter or defective.