What is the difference between a connected Gas and Water monitor and a standalone Gas and Water monitor?

The Smappee Gas and Water monitor can be used to measure the gas and/or water consumption in two different ways.

As a connected device

If you use the monitor as a connected device, this means you have connected the Gas and Water monitor to a Smappee Energy/Solar, Smappee Pro/Plus or Smappee Genius Monitor.

In order to connect both devices, the maximum distance between the 2 devices can only be about 10 meters. We also recommend avoiding any obstructions as this further reduces the maximum distance.

The connection between the devices is an RF (radio-frequency) connection over the 433.92MhZ frequency. The signal cannot be extended by RF extenders. This is because the 2 devices communicate with the custom Smappee protocol which is not recognized by the RF extender.

The connection status between both devices can be checked in the Smappee app. For this go to Settings > Your Smappee monitor(s). Here you can click on your Gas and Water monitor and then select Details & status, at the bottom you can click on the button to test the connection between your Smappee monitor and the Gas and Water monitor.

If you configure this connection method, your Gas and Water monitor will send its data directly to the Smappee monitor whenever it receives pulses from the attached sensors. The data is then sent from the monitor to the Smappee Cloud, which stores all data securely.

This method’s main advantage is that you will receive live data whenever water or gas is consumed or if Smappee suspects a leak or excessive consumption.

As a standalone device

If you decide to use the monitor as a standalone device or if you are unable to connect your monitor to an Energy/Solar, Pro/Plus or Genius Monitor, the monitor will measure the gas and/or water consumption and store the data in the local memory. The data will not be forwarded automatically to our cloud server. You will have to connect your mobile device to the monitor via BT (Bluetooth). The Gas and Water monitor can then send its data to our cloud server through the internet connection of your device.

The data will only be updated on our server each time you send the data by connecting to the device with BT. We recommend doing this at least once every 2 weeks. The local memory of the Gas and Water monitor can store about 1 month of data. If you do not send the data in time and the local memory is full, the new data measured will overwrite the oldest data on the monitor until the data is sent to our cloud server.

As a standalone device, we cannot offer additional services such as leak alert, excessive consumption alerts, battery level warnings etc.