How does my Smappee P1/S1 module work?

The Smappee P1/S1 module visualizes the electrical and/or gas consumption measured by the smart meter.

With the P1/S1 you can visualize the import and, if applicable, export of your electrical system to the grid.

Please note that the P1/S1 module cannot visualize solar production as the smart meter does not log this data.


Please find below what smart meter version the P1/S1 module is compatible with:

Smart meter DSMR version







Yes (1)



 (1) The P1/S1 module is compatible but will require a separate power cable to work correctly. For more information see the power requirements section.

If you are not sure what DSMR version your smart meter is using, please contact your smart meter supplier.

Power Requirements

The P1/S1 module is supplied power by the P1 port of the smart meter. If your smart meter version is DSMR4X you will require a separate power cable to supply power to the P1/S1 module.

Always on

To calculate your always on values we take the lowest power between 0 en 2 at night.

P1/S1 with solar panels

In an installation with solar panels, the P1/S1 module can only measure import and export. This is the only thing that the smart meter records. The smart meter does not record any data of the solar production.

Appliance detection

The P1/S1 module is also able to detect appliances. For more information on how the appliance detection works, please see: How does Smappee recognize appliances?

Please note however that :

- If the smart meter only has a P1 port but no S1 port, part of the appliance detection will not work. You will also not be able to detect appliance with the manual detection function in the app.

- If you have solar panels in your installation, appliance detection will not work. The software detects appliances based on the electrical signature of an appliance. In order to detect this signal correctly, the module must measure household consumption. In an installation with solar panels this is not possible as the module can only measure import/export.

- The P1/S1 module cannot submeter appliances like the Smappee Infinity series. The P1/S1 module can only connect to a P1 and S1 port. There are no other inputs to connect clamps to for submetering.

Gas readings

Some digital meters can also measure your gas values, these will also be shown in the Smappee app and dashboard (if you already use the digital gas meter).

Data acces

The data of the P1S1 can be viewed in both our mobile App and the Dashboard.

P1S1 does not support a local MQTT broker, you can however acces the data through the RestAPI.