Can I install several Smappee charging stations to the same location?


Installing several Smappee charging stations to a same location is definitely possible and has a lot of benefits and advantages. Among the most important advantages are that load balancing and overload protection will take into account all charging stations configured to that location.


Please note however that you can only install 1 EV Home version per location.

If you intend to install more then 1 Smappee charging station on a location, only 1 Home charging station can be installed, all other units must be either EV business versions, EV base or EV Ultra. 

The reason is that the EV Home versions of our charging stations are sold and shipped with a preconfigured Infinity kit for measurements of the electrical installation. 

It is not possible to remove or separate this Infinity kit from the Home charging station and so if you were to install several EV Home versions to the same location, that would conflict with the technical limitation of only having 1 measurement system per location. 

All other charging stations do not come with this preconfigured Infinity kit and can be linked to the Infinity kit of the Home charging station.


On a location where multiple charging stations are installed, we always recommend to install the Infinity kit for measurements first if there is one.

You can then install the charging stations to that same location afterwards via the Smappee app. That way the stations do not have to be installed to separate locations in the app. If you do it this way, the charging stations will have to be linked manually to the Infinity kit via the Smappee Dashboard. 

This also applies if the Infinity kit for measurements was part of the EV Home charging station. In that case, first install the charging station and then all other charging stations can be installed to that same location via the Smappee app. 

If not done this way, the other charging stations will have to be linked manually to the Home charging station via the Smappee Dashboard.