How can I setup a Pricing Policy? How can I assign discounts/different prices for certain users or groups?

When enabling public charging through the session activation method you can set a Pricing Policy for a charging station(s). A pricing policy must be set on a charging station and that determines the price for both Scan & Charge and Swipe & Charge.

Next to that, there is also a card "Pricing Policies" available where you'll see all created policies and the charging station(s) linked to it. From here you can also create a new Pricing Policy. 

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When creating a new pricing policy, you'll be guided through 4 steps.

  • 1: The first step is the Price Structure. Here you can set your price per kWh. If you want you can also set a starting price and price per hour. For the price per hour, there is also a possibility to add a second hourly rate that starts after a certain period. 

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  • 2: In the next step 'Groups' you can select a group consisting of select individuals for unique pricing structures. When selecting a Group a new pop-up will appear where you can choose a group or create a new one. New groups can also be created through the card 'Groups' (more info here

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Select a group and you'll be able to apply a discount or a fixed tariff for these individuals. When setting a discount a preview of the discounted price is also being shown. 

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  • 3: After setting up all prices, you can Assign it also directly to the charging station(s) through this step. 

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  • 4: In the last step 'General' you can name the new pricing policy. The newly created policy will also be available on the drop-down menu when activating public charging on a charging station. 

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You're all set, now everyone in this group will be able to charge at a discounted rate/different price.