How can I use a third party CPO?

If you would like to allow drivers to pay for their charging sessions using an eMSP card, this is possible by activating Authorized charging (public charging). More information on the different Session Activation Methods can be found here. Smappee has its own CPO, but it is also possible to use a third-party CPO of your choosing. The Smappee cloud will communicate with this CPO via OCPP 1.6-J.

Note: only pre-approved third-party CPOs can be used. If you wish to use a CPO that is not yet on the list, please contact


To use a third-party CPO, you will first need to activate 'Swipe and charge (public)'. Go to and navigate to the 'Charging station configuration' card:

FAQ PP 1.png


Here, you can edit the active 'Session Activation Methods' and fill in the host URL of the third-party CPO when selecting 'external e-mobility platform':

FAQ PP 5.png

Note: in a third-party platform, all Smappee charging stations will appear with the ID 'SMP_serialnumber'.