How to reset the memory of my Comfort Plug?

It happens that the Comfort Plug does not longer accept new "Pair with me" requests. In some cases this means the memory of Comfort Plug is full.

In that case the clicking of the Comfort plug is not working. You can reset the memory of the plug by sending a "Delete all links" to the Comfort plug.

Make sure your Comfort plug is in range of the Smappee monitor, this means a maximum distance of 12 meter (without walls). The more walls between the two, the shorter the distance is. You can reset the Comfort Plug in 2 ways.

Using the Smappee app

If you already installed your plug and it's not reacting anymore, you first have to delete it.
First disconnect the comfort plug from the socket.

Make sure you have the install flow ready in your Smappee app: go to "Control" and at the right top click on "All" and then select "Smart devices". At the right bottom you can now click on the '+' sign. On the new screen select Comfort Plug.

Click Next and give in a name for your Comfort Plug. Follow the step by step guide in the app. If you don't hear the Comfort Plug clicking, select No, this will start the reset procedure.

Please follow the reset procedure in the App.

After this you can configure the Comfort Plug again.

Using the Smappee Expert Portal

On how to access the expert portal, you can find more information here:  How to access the monitor’s expert portal.

 Once logged on to the expert portal of your Smappee monitor go to the tab page "home control".


First you plug the Comfort plug into the power socket, it has a red LED that should blink now, the means its programming mode is enabled. (Older versions of the plug have a button to activate the programming mode)

Now as quickly as possible you must press the button [Smart plug] Unlearn plug (G command) while the red led of the Comfort plug is still blinking.

The plug should make a clicking sound, the means its memory is reset.

After this, you should be able to link the plug to the monitor.