What is the difference between an EV Wall Home, Business and Lite?

The EV Wall comes in different variants to suit every need:

  • EV Wall Lite: designed for residential use by customers who simply want to charge their EV at a fixed speed without any additional features. The Lite version includes the same beautiful aesthetics as the EV Wall Home/Business, but none of the smartness. The consumption of the charger itself is measured, but not the house's consumption/production. For customers who want to add grid/solar measurements and smart charging features at a later point in time, an upgrade kit will be made available for purchase.
  • EV Wall Home: our flagship wall-mounted solution for residential users. The EV Wall Home is an all-in-one product which includes both the smart charging system and our Infinity energy monitoring system. All smart charging features are included as standard, as well as the required modules to measure the house's grid and (single-phase) solar production. Optionally, more measurements can be added. Only 1 EV Wall Home can be installed per location.
  • EV Wall Business: our flagship wall-mounted solution for commercial and industrial sites. When combined with a Smappee Infinity system (purchased separately), all smart charging features can be used. Multiple EV Wall Businesses can be installed on one location, and they can all share the grid/solar measurements from the same Infinity system.


You can find an overview of the different features below:

Tabel EV Wall.jpg